Private Projects


MPN P.C. is specialized in all kinds of earthworks, excavations and backfillings, having a strong presence regarding both industrial and commercial customers and private customers. We have a growing list of customers, however we are continuously trying to build new relationships and cooperations. .

Excavations / Backfillings

Since the establishment of our company, in 1997, until today, we have performed a multitude of earthworks, such as excavations of foundations and underground spaces, backfillings, landscaping of the surrounding areas, etc., in large scale and small scale private projects. Indicatively, some of our customers are: EXTRACO S.A., MAKIOS S.A., MASOUTIS S.A., BEDA PLUS S.A., HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.

Demolitions / Dismantling / Removal of Rocks

We undertake all kinds of removal of rocks and demolitions of old or dilapidated buildings, storehouses, as well as the removal of topsoil from land lots or their cleaning.

Supply of aggregates

We can directly manage, supply and deliver aggregates to every customer, for every possible work such as landscaping, the remediation and consolidation of foundations, the construction of drainage channels, the development of gardens, etc., covering all of their needs.

Unit of temporary storage of non-hazardous waste.

At our headquarters, the unit of temporary storage of non-hazardous waste and soil improvers production plant is also installed, where we can temporarily store and process all kinds of waste, such as agricultural and gardening waste, waste from inorganic chemical processes, from constructions and demolitions as well as waste from waste treatment plants.

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