Our Fleet


See photos of the modern fleet of MPN P.C. that performs earthworks, based in Thessaloniki.


Telescopic crawler excavator Liebherr R 954 C

With this highly specialized telescopic excavator (hoe) Liebherr R 954 C, model of 2008, with a backhoe bucket capacity of 1.70m3, we can accomplish excavations to depths of up to 30.00 meters, in particularly confined working spaces.

R936 longReach_3
R936 longReach_2
R936 longReach_1

TCrawler hoe Long Reach Liebherr R936

With the specialized Long Reach crawler hoe Liebherr R936 model 2016 with a split bucket capacity of 1.00m3, we can achieve an excavation length or depth of up to 16.00m.


Crawler hoe Liebherr R936

Crawler hoe Liebherr R936 model 2014 with bucket capacity 2.00m3.


Track Loader Liebherr R 954 C

Crawler Loader Liebherr R 954 C 2008 model with bucket of 3.00m3.


Crawler hoe Liebherr R904

Crawler hoe Liebherr R904 model 2006 with 1.10m3 capacity bucket and F19 hammer and MB grapple.


Liebherr L509 wheeled excavator

The Liebherr L509 wheel loader is a 2019 model with a bucket capacity of 1.70m3.


Track Loader Liebherr R 926 Compact

Crawler Loader Liebherr R 926 Compact 2017 model with bucket of 1.40m3 capacity. It also features a F19 Hammer.

Wheel Loader Liebherr L 550

The Liebherr L550 wheel loader is a 2008 model with a bucket capacity of 3.20m3.


Crawler Loader Liebherr LR 634

The Liebherr LR 634 crawler loader is a 2013 model with a bucket capacity of 1.80m3.


Earth mover (bulldozer) Liebherr PR736

Crawler earth mover (bulldozer) Liebherr PR736 model 2014.



The wheel excavator–loader JCB 3-CXSM 4T is a 2005 model that is also equipped with an F5 Hammer.

Mini multi terrain loader JCB 180THF

The mini multi terrain loader JCB 180THF of our company is a 2009 model.

Road roller BOMAG 213

The BOMAG DH-3 road roller our company owns is a 2003 model.

Mini road roller BOMAG 90

We have a BOMAG BW90 SC-5 mini road roller, which is a 2017 model.

Four axle Mercedes Benz trucks

Our company owns 4 four axle trucks, of which 2 are Mercedes Actros models of 2007, one is a Mercedes Actros model of 2008 and one is a Mercedes Arocs model of 2017.


Flatbed truck with two carts, one for special transport and one for earthworks.

Our company in 2018 added to its force a 2018 model Mercedes Arocs flatbed truck, which is accompanied by two trailers, a Kassbohrer for the special transport of both our company's and our customers' project machinery and a Mieller trailer for earthworks tasks.

Our company has for its trucks an "License to manage (collect and transport) non-hazardous waste